New Entrants Training Scheme


The Saddlery Training centre aims to provides affordable and accessible training courses specially designed for small saddlery businesses.  All training is based on the key skills and techniques that will improve productivity.  The course content is based on traditional skills, however, modern materials and techniques are constantly evaluated, and training is delivered under realistic working conditions.  This ensures that the trainee can produce high quality products at a profitable rate.  The scheme is based on a version of “apprenticeship” for those who are either recently employed or self employed and starting to learn their trade.

The Scheme provides a balanced mixture of practical experience with intensive periods of training at The Saddlery Training Centre.  This ensures that the training plan is tailored to meet the needs of the trainee.  Away from the distractions of the workplace this intensive method of instruction prepares trainees for the City & Guilds National Skills Assessment Scheme and minimises disruption to the business.
All trainees will be submitted for the City & Guilds National Skill Assessment and Qualification Scheme for the Saddlery trade. 

Course fees

Grant assistance may be available locally or through the Skills Funding Agency and Business Link, however many of our trainees and employers find it necessary to finance their own training. Please contact us for up to date course fees.

Who can apply?

The New Entrants Training Scheme is primarily designed for trainees or apprentices (Employed or Self employed), aged 25 and over who are unable to apply for the Governments Modern Apprenticeship Scheme. Applicants for this training will normally have a minimum of six months experience in order to ensure that both they and/or their employers have sufficient time to establish aptitude and commitment.

How is the training delivered?

The training takes the form of approximately 16 one week modules spread over a 2 ½ - 3 year period.  Training modules are held at The Saddlery Training Centre in Salisbury.  The training is delivered in small groups with normally a maximum of six trainees.  Trainees will be required to undertake some course work in their own workshops in between modules.  This will normally be in prior agreement with the employer. The total number of modules required will be flexible in order to allow for each trainees experience at the start of training and the speed at which they progress.



The 16 one week modules will cover the following:

Use, care and maintenance of hand tools.

Methods of tanning and dressing leather.

Properties and characteristics of different types of leather.

Economic use of time and materials.

Health and safety in the workplace.

Types of hand-stitching.

Types of threads and fittings.

Manufacturing: Bridles covering: plain, rolled, raised, plaited, and fancy stitched.

Manufacturing: Headcollars, Girths and  Martingales.

Types of saddle repairs: Re-seats, Re-flocking, Replacing broken trees etc.

Manufacturing: A Pony Saddle on rigid tree incorporating knee rolls, knee pads and continental panel.

Manufacturing: A General Purpose Saddle on spring tree incorporating knee rolls, knee pads and flocked  panel.

Use and care of sewing machines.

How to apply

Contact - Mark Romain

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